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Find out what’s possible when you unleash your potential and live life by design, not by circumstance.


Are you living each day to the fullest? Do you wake up every morning filled with passion and enthusiasm, eager to make the most of the day and all of the possibilities that lie ahead?


You can have a more extraordinary, more successful, and more fulfilling life. A life full of energy and excitement that makes a positive difference in the world.

It’s time to hit the reset button – step away from your daily to-do list for a weekend, reconnect with who you really are and redefine what success means to you.

Upcoming Calgary PSI Basic Dates:
Mar 29th •  May 3rd •  Jun 7th

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See what others like yourself have to say about the PSI Basic Seminar!

The PSI Basic Seminar is an educational course where you challenge yourself to explore, question, and discover your life such that you expand you personal and professional effectiveness now!
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What is the PSI Basic Seminar?

This isn’t your typical seminar or workshop. This is a three day experience where you rediscover your authentic self while transforming into a new, exciting, bigger and better You.

The PSI Basic Seminar provides an experiential learning process where you’ll engage in enlightening exercises and inspiring conversations as you make life-changing discoveries about yourself.

Create your life by design based on what is most important to you.

I thought the three days was packed with inspirational and educational exercises that was powerful and effective. I learned so much and looking forward to practicing every day for the rest of my life. Thank you for the amazing experience!
L. Raphael
The PSI Basic Seminar provided me with a framework and numerous tools I could implement immediately. I highly recommend this PSI Basic Seminar to anyone who is ready for change!
S. Shores
I found it to be eye-opening and very valuable. I find myself thinking differently and more positively.
M. Eisen'
The exercises will help you understand your weaknesses and your strengths You will be able to let go of some of the garbage you have been packing around in your brain and take on a whole new positive approach and an “anything is possible” kind of attitude.
D. Johnston
I felt like I had more purpose for myself and that I could make more of an impact in this world for myself and other people.
J. Boulay
I kept an open mind during the entire seminar and it was so worth it; I took in many valuable life lessons that will forever help me create a better life for myself and my family.
N. Kay
I created several values at the Basic Seminar but the most powerful one was to trust myself and my instincts and listen to the little voice from within. It will never steer you in the wrong way.
J. Foth
It was truly a life changing weekend for me. I learned so much about myself and I learned tools to help me address negative emotions as they come up.
J. Zavidniak



find what you’ve
been missing

Enhance and strengthen your foundation for a life of meaning and purpose. Recognize your limiting beliefs and overcome what has been holding you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Using the Basic techniques, you’ll be given the tools to maximize your effectiveness and create a more balanced, satisfying life, in four key areas: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. You’ll also learn techniques designed to access your individual creativity and squash defeating internal dialogue.

Feel what it’s like to be seen and encouraged to be the highest version of YOU.

“Become aware of what’s stopping you in achieving your goals.” – J. Corpuz



connect in more
meaningful ways

Connect and surround yourself with people who “get” you. Feel what it’s like to be seen and encouraged to be the highest version of YOU.

Through many different exercises, you will learn the patterns of successful human inter-relations and communication. You challenge yourself to honestly and responsibly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships, allowing you to determine how you can improve them. You’ll learn the tools to create and nurture the best relationship possible with your spouse, children, loved ones – and your professional relationships too. The core of the PSI Basic is to empower you to find inner strength in yourself and others.

Discover how to have a deeply fulfilling life by contributing to others in meaningful and practical ways.

“Step into a higher level of thinking that brings about an awareness that will never let you be the same.” – C. Flores



achieve at a
higher level

Dream bigger and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Tap into boundless energy, enthusiasm, and excitement by letting go of resentments so that you can live fully in the present.

At the PSI Basic you’ll uncover the mystery of creating abundance by discovering your power to attract all the wealth you desire. You’ll gain simple and easy tools for developing thought processes that help you achieve your goals.

Over 500,000 people have experienced the power of the PSI Basic and have credited this life-changing course for providing them with the tools to discover their potential and realize their dreams.

“I have faith in knowing the path I am on, is the right one and the course has given me strength and knowledge as I move forward.” – D. Johnston

We all have a list of wants, needs and desires. We crave to better our circumstances, change unwanted aspects of our lives and achieve our life-long dreams. By increasing your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, the PSI Basic Seminar will empower you to dream bigger and achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Make today be the day you commit to living your best life. Start now by finding a PSI Basic Seminar near you, and join us for a weekend like no other!

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Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll create an amazing experience at the Basic Seminar that we offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the class, we’ll issue you a refund, minus a $50.00 processing fee, with no questions asked.

Lifetime Membership

As with all education, the concepts, tools, and techniques the PSI Basic teaches are best implemented with repetition. That’s why after you attend, not only are you eligible for advanced courses, you are entitled to audit the PSI Basic experience for free anytime and anywhere the PSI Basic is being held. Your single registration fee is actually a lifetime membership fee for the PSI Basic.


Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 8pm
There is a Guest Event either Wednesday or Thursday following the class where you will have an opportunity to share the class with others and reconnect with fellow attendees. Once you register, someone will be in touch regarding events that follow the class.
Bring a notebook and pen for note taking.
Bring bottled water – something that has a lid that closes securely
Bring cash for lunch. There will be a working lunch each day at a nearby restaurant.
Bring snacks to eat during the breaks.
Dress is comfortable and informal.
Wearing layers is recommended as the room temperature can vary and you may want to bring a light jacket, sweater, etc.
Breaks are every few hours – bring snacks to eat on the breaks throughout the day.
Eat a good breakfast each day before class as lunch break isn’t until early afternoon and there is no dinner break.

“Don’t let the sun set without taking some strides down the road to your goal.”

Thomas D. Willhite

PSI Seminars is a transformational experience where you begin to craft the life of your dreams. Take the first step to a more extraordinary, more successful, and more fulfilling life!
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