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Thank you for registering for the PSI Basic Seminar!
Our local manager will connect with you shortly with the full details and location of this event.

If you have any questions, please call us at one of the numbers below:

Calgary Office (403) 770-9313
Vancouver Office (604) 800-6430
Denver Office (303) 331-8440
Honolulu Office (808) 841-7776
Las Vegas Office (702) 364-1777
Los Angeles Office (818) 584-2220
Orange County Office (714) 898-7844
Phoenix Office (480) 663-8400
San Francisco Office (650) 553-4343
All Other Locations
PSI Corporate Office (707) 998-2222
After taking the Basic, my career immediately accelerated…I’ve received several promotions and have doubled my income in the last five years. I still use the tools I gained from PSI Seminars, daily. I’ve recommended this seminar with confidence to my employees, family and friends.
Ms. Evelyn Shaffer - Los Angeles, CA, Vice President, KCET/DIMAC Communications
My greatest discovery from PSI Basic is that I can alter my life by altering my attitude and my attitude is a choice that I make every hour of every day.
Mr. Greg Ressler - Denver, CO, Partner and Owner, Sheffield Homes
After attending the Basic, I realized that children are the key to the future and a better world. I took an active leadership role in the Hawaii State Foster Parents Assn. by using the skills I developed in the Basic and the other seminars. I have affected over 6000 parents and children this last year alone.
Mrs. Irene Akiona - Honolulu, HI, President, Hawaii State Foster Parents Association
PSI’s Basic Seminar is a personal growth must! Two days after attending, I created a brand new business and saved an existing one. Simply stated, it helped me increase my effectiveness in both my professional and personal relationships one-hundred fold. If you are interested in a lifetime of success, this is the ONE class to attend!
Mr. Dick Feeney - Las Vegas, NV, International Show, Entertainment Producer, and President, The Flying Elvi
The PSI Basic Seminar is an educational course where you challenge yourself to explore, question, and discover your life such that you expand you personal and professional effectiveness now!

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll create an amazing experience at the Basic Seminar that we offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the class, we’ll issue you a refund, minus a $50.00 processing fee, with no questions asked.

Lifetime Membership

As with all education, the concepts, tools, and techniques the PSI Basic teaches are best implemented with repetition. That’s why after you attend, not only are you eligible for advanced courses, you are entitled to audit the PSI Basic experience for free anytime and anywhere you wish. Your single registration fee is actually a lifetime membership fee for the PSI Basic.


Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 8pm
There is a Guest Event either Wednesday or Thursday following the class where you will have an opportunity to share the class with others and reconnect with fellow attendees. Once you register, someone will be in touch regarding events that follow the class.
Bring a notebook and pen for note taking.
Bring bottled water – something that has a lid that closes securely
Bring cash for lunch. There will be a working lunch each day at a nearby restaurant.
Bring snacks to eat during the breaks.
Dress is comfortable and informal.
Wearing layers is recommended as the room temperature can vary and you may want to bring a light jacket, sweater, etc.
Breaks are every few hours – bring snacks to eat on the breaks throughout the day.
Eat a good breakfast each day before class as lunch break isn’t until early afternoon and there is no dinner break.

“Don’t let the sun set without taking some strides down the road to your goal.”

Thomas D. Willhite